Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options regarding joining/not joining UMPSA?

As a condition of employment, all employees must choose one of the following three options:  1) membership in UMPSA;  2) payment to UMPSA of representation fee; 3)exclusion from the first two options.

The first option, membership, provides full benefits and free representation.   The second option provides free representation only and costs approximately 90% of the regular membership.  With the third option you do not have to pay any dues or representation fees, however, you must pay UMPSA an hourly fee if you need representation.

What does membership cost?

For employees earning $37,800 or more, the monthly dues are $53.00
For employees earning less than $37,800 the monthly dues are $27.71

What is the strongest argument for becoming a member of UMPSA?

Simple.  Every important aspect of your job is negotiated by UMPSA.   Wages, healthcare, annual and sick leave, retirement plan, tuition waiver and working conditions all have to be negotiated and approved by UMPSA members.   Isn’t it in your own best interests, and the interests of your family, to have the strongest union possible fighting on your behalf?  The more members we have the more influence we have in negotiations with UMS.  Join your colleagues and join UMPSA today!

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